lundi 20 décembre 2010


Team work is never easy. Few reach a state of democracy and most the time apparent democracy is only hidden dictature of an Architect.


Bruxelles juin 2010

mercredi 1 décembre 2010

La femme à la batterie de cuisine

Some compositions which started with kitchen tools 
and kid's drums.

Fields for bodies

Ludwig Museum
Kenneth Noland / Donald Judd / Frank Stella
Suchan Kinochita "In ten minutes"
with extracts videos from VISIT OF MUSEUM #2
WIELS Museum Ann Veronica Janssen "Serependity"

Fields for bodies

Kenneth No land
Where are you?
I'm searching for you
Not that long...
Kenneth No Land!
I have to find my way
In the white cube
With other women
Searching for you too
Searching for the line
Of your colorfield painting

White, blue, black, wooden, wood...

Say hello to Donald Judd for me!

Hi Frank!
Why do I like you so much?

Make me move
Make me dance
Make me wave on your colorfield paintings

Take my left arm up in the green field
and I'm gonna go, I'm gonna get high

I'm gonna hold your field
I wanna hold your field

I look at myself in your work
Like a broken mirror
You give the image of another woman
It's not me
It's not me I see
It's a woman you want me to be

Hey Frank, look at me
I'm with John
I am Chris Cunningham
John and Chris are dancing in the fog
John and Chris are playing with your fields
And blue turned to
And blue turned to pink
And blue turned to 
And blue turns to pink

Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman, an early fan of de Kooning and Pollock, in 2002 with a Kenneth Noland target painting.

Eva Lake targets

Photo tests with a model around the museum
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art + parking
(Strasbourg 2008)
Pierre Mirgaine
Meryll Hardt
Photo argentiques N/B

Draft tracks2#


mardi 1 juin 2010

The briefcase head

In a ghost administrative city in the centrum of Bruxelles, one last civil servant remains, in charge of taxes. Silenced, with the weight of the world on her shoulder, suitcases full of crisis and frauds, like an oracle, she delivers an outlook of the economic liberal way of life on coming.

This video takes place in the Administrative City of Bruxelles, a place which were supposed to centralize the whole belgian administration. A project born in the late fifties in order to challenge  La Défense in Paris inspired by Le Corbusier "La ville radieuse", technocratic project. A tabula rasa and a gigantic architecture which destroyed for years the dynamic of a popular neighboordhood. 

Actually still in rehabilition, the place which will host some habitations will mostly host offices and carries its funny historic, like a retro-futurist former restaurant  for civil servants, now looking like a science fiction monolith. Mostly deserted the place is still partialy in activity with the main building is the taxe-bulding for Bruxelles inhabitants.

   Briefcase shelter

vendredi 30 avril 2010

Centre d'Art de Chamarande
Workshop "CARTOGRAPHIE(s)" 
 Jan / Sept 2010

David Evrard
Marcel Berlanger
Marc Guillaume 
Meryll Hardt  
Pierre Van Denpitte
David Mercier
Donovan Alonso Garcia
Laurette Massant
Fix Groyn
Sarah Vandersteenen
Raphaël Bastide
Vincent Evrard
Caroline Dehareng
Lou Delmare

 " Tentative de scoutisme" in the moats of Chamarande's castle. Students and teachers are singing in the rain the hymn of Chamarande's scout camps. 

mardi 30 mars 2010



February - march 2010
Residency / exhibition at ONVA Office National des Vacances Annuelles
an administration which organise holidays of labours and artists.

Investing the first floor which was a former mutual benefit society that closed its doors, I choised and installed some office furniture that the administration didn't use anymore in its offices, some stuff which I found in the underground of the building.
Bureaux, chairs, calculator, taping machines, lamps, telephon, empty classeurs...

Keeping anything unplugged, I pushed the idea of disconnection by disconnecting myself 8 hours a day from the administration still in activity just above.

Each day in between 9 am and  5 pm, I occupied the place as a unfonctionnal civil servant, even taking my lunchs in the showroom, so that people could see me from the street, and interact - some sometimes entering the space and asking me for services as if I was a real civil servant.

Pushing the confusion in its limits, I once  replied to  an old lady that pushed the door of my office. She was searching for a service linked to ONVA and I said "one minute, miss, here is not anymore the space you are searchin' for, I'm calling the right office" while she perfectly could see that my telephon was not plugged.

Inspired of Charlie Chaplin Modern times I tried to imagine several absurd/surrealist situations, as a bee trapped in the web of the office context. Also, I simply focused on situations that could have happen to me in this place if I would have really worked there. I duplicated myself in order to invest different point of views but also talk about this borderline schizophrenia state familiar to dull work in silent, empty, spaces.

Knowing that the space, as you can see it in my videos who be soon destroyed in order to make an art space now named "galerie 212" , I finally wrote and performed a song for the administration in order to popularise its mission around the neighboorhood to inhabitants that mostly ignored its existence.

My videos has been shown in the restaurant of the administration on plasma screens (so that employed could watch them during their lunch time) and then in the space on the first floor, where I shoot the video. I also performed the song in the street for the first time.




I've worked and exhibited at 

Photos : Marc Wathieu