mardi 28 juin 2011


Blindfolded, leaded by the sound of the walk, the performer follows a white line in the darknesses.

The performer is equipped with sneakers, which soles has been covered with a Velcro line in order to adhere to another line on the floor, made of the complementary / opposite Velcro fabric.

The constraint brings both a challenge and a help in the walking performance.  

The sound, amplified and broadcasted by the location speakers (here a church), echoes and reverbs the movement in order to create another help / constraint for the performer and for the viewer who mentally walk in her/his shoes. 

Expanding the sound of the effort, the sound induces the difficult separation in between the person and the ground. 

Crossing minimalistic historical performance art clichés, le sport and the religious, the performance is an attempt to create a ritual suspended in between several 
initiatic institutions, or let's say, mind/body playgrounds. 

On another level, the choice to cut with a white line this baroque renaissance architecture is also a will to confront to question the relationship in between blind saints/martyres statues a a blindfold human art performer.  

Question the enlightenment in the darknesses.  

Trinity Church / L’Eglise de la Trinité (Bruxelles)
15h - 27 juin 2011
JURY MASTER 2 Art &a Médiation 
Ecole de Recherche Graphique (Bruxelles)
about 20 min
Tech : 
Velcro line (about 20 meters)
Prepared shoes
DPA mic

Photos : Adrian Limoni / ERG