mardi 1 juin 2010

The briefcase head

In a ghost administrative city in the centrum of Bruxelles, one last civil servant remains, in charge of taxes. Silenced, with the weight of the world on her shoulder, suitcases full of crisis and frauds, like an oracle, she delivers an outlook of the economic liberal way of life on coming.

This video takes place in the Administrative City of Bruxelles, a place which were supposed to centralize the whole belgian administration. A project born in the late fifties in order to challenge  La Défense in Paris inspired by Le Corbusier "La ville radieuse", technocratic project. A tabula rasa and a gigantic architecture which destroyed for years the dynamic of a popular neighboordhood. 

Actually still in rehabilition, the place which will host some habitations will mostly host offices and carries its funny historic, like a retro-futurist former restaurant  for civil servants, now looking like a science fiction monolith. Mostly deserted the place is still partialy in activity with the main building is the taxe-bulding for Bruxelles inhabitants.

   Briefcase shelter

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