vendredi 1 mai 2009

Tramification syncopée

"Tramification syncopée" is the original title of a sculpture of Emile Souply, located in the area of Metro Station Botanique in Bruxelles. 

Exploiting the retrofuturist potential of this urban sculpture, I tryed to refer to early video game, retro-gaming - turning a 3D object into kind of a flatfield. 

This also leaded me to carrefuly and melancolicaly "parkour" in slow motion the sculpture as part of an urban architecture.

Escaladating this tube colorful sculpture, I imagined this as a machine confusing dimensions which could reproduce its location and my presence, as a standard model, puppet, suddenly replied, duplicated in a copy machine made of primary colors.  

The soundtrack of this video work has been made with different point of view taken in the out-field around the metro station.