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February - march 2010
Residency / exhibition at ONVA Office National des Vacances Annuelles
an administration which organise holidays of labours and artists.

Investing the first floor which was a former mutual benefit society that closed its doors, I choised and installed some office furniture that the administration didn't use anymore in its offices, some stuff which I found in the underground of the building.
Bureaux, chairs, calculator, taping machines, lamps, telephon, empty classeurs...

Keeping anything unplugged, I pushed the idea of disconnection by disconnecting myself 8 hours a day from the administration still in activity just above.

Each day in between 9 am and  5 pm, I occupied the place as a unfonctionnal civil servant, even taking my lunchs in the showroom, so that people could see me from the street, and interact - some sometimes entering the space and asking me for services as if I was a real civil servant.

Pushing the confusion in its limits, I once  replied to  an old lady that pushed the door of my office. She was searching for a service linked to ONVA and I said "one minute, miss, here is not anymore the space you are searchin' for, I'm calling the right office" while she perfectly could see that my telephon was not plugged.

Inspired of Charlie Chaplin Modern times I tried to imagine several absurd/surrealist situations, as a bee trapped in the web of the office context. Also, I simply focused on situations that could have happen to me in this place if I would have really worked there. I duplicated myself in order to invest different point of views but also talk about this borderline schizophrenia state familiar to dull work in silent, empty, spaces.

Knowing that the space, as you can see it in my videos who be soon destroyed in order to make an art space now named "galerie 212" , I finally wrote and performed a song for the administration in order to popularise its mission around the neighboorhood to inhabitants that mostly ignored its existence.

My videos has been shown in the restaurant of the administration on plasma screens (so that employed could watch them during their lunch time) and then in the space on the first floor, where I shoot the video. I also performed the song in the street for the first time.




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Photos : Marc Wathieu

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