mercredi 1 décembre 2010

Fields for bodies

Ludwig Museum
Kenneth Noland / Donald Judd / Frank Stella
Suchan Kinochita "In ten minutes"
with extracts videos from VISIT OF MUSEUM #2
WIELS Museum Ann Veronica Janssen "Serependity"

Fields for bodies

Kenneth No land
Where are you?
I'm searching for you
Not that long...
Kenneth No Land!
I have to find my way
In the white cube
With other women
Searching for you too
Searching for the line
Of your colorfield painting

White, blue, black, wooden, wood...

Say hello to Donald Judd for me!

Hi Frank!
Why do I like you so much?

Make me move
Make me dance
Make me wave on your colorfield paintings

Take my left arm up in the green field
and I'm gonna go, I'm gonna get high

I'm gonna hold your field
I wanna hold your field

I look at myself in your work
Like a broken mirror
You give the image of another woman
It's not me
It's not me I see
It's a woman you want me to be

Hey Frank, look at me
I'm with John
I am Chris Cunningham
John and Chris are dancing in the fog
John and Chris are playing with your fields
And blue turned to
And blue turned to pink
And blue turned to 
And blue turns to pink

Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman, an early fan of de Kooning and Pollock, in 2002 with a Kenneth Noland target painting.

Eva Lake targets

Photo tests with a model around the museum
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art + parking
(Strasbourg 2008)
Pierre Mirgaine
Meryll Hardt
Photo argentiques N/B

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