mardi 20 mars 2012

I can die happy

Can I die happy?

"I can die happy" is the result of a single improvisation on an instrumental version of "Love walked in" by George Gershiwn. 
Ignoring the song that Ira Gershwin later added to the composition for the"Goldwyn follies" (1937) , I took the freedom to create a new song on Georges Gerswhin's original composition, re-interpretated by Joe Loss and his orchestra in 1954.

Playing this instrumental from a found record collected in Bruxelles's streets has been the occasion to rethink the piece before its use by golden age  entertainement. It has been an elegant way to project myself in the historical context of its re-interpretation, 1954, in between Alain Turing suicide and atomic paranoia.

In last september, Gagarin Records gave this track the opportunity of a new embodiement via an Apolkalypso 7 inch.



One side: I can die happy (3:02)
Other side: Lichtspiel (3:50)


In her search for continuity and resonance, Meryll Hardt resuscitates bodies of the past and beheads the space-time relation; preferring to double herself while doing so. Whether through improvised singing over old dance orchestra recordings or the Lichtspiel (play of lights) between Strasbourg, Berlin and Brussels: Meryll is constantly detecting the secret corners between the conscious and the unconscious, and light and shadow. With her heart and kidney wide open, she joyfully stitches her finds into a cosmos of its own.

Felix Kubin

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