mardi 28 juin 2011


"Ligne Obscure" : face to face to obscurity, via a walk on a velcro line.

Blindfolded and leaded by my ears which are into my feet, I follow the line in the darkness. The Velcro is both helping me to keep walking straight and challenging balance by restraining movement. By the constraint it creates, gravity effect seems increased. By the juxtaposal of white purist elements (accessoiries and performance) in a baroque church, as a "jugement de Dieu" Ligne Obscure challenges a space, a context and a performer.

Blurring frontiers in between art performance and religious cult, it brings up a link in between an invididual and a mental space, full of signification and symbolical.  As a metaphore of "l'esprit des Lumières", a demanding philosophical quest and progressive enlightement, "Ligne obscure" questions our place towards religious legacy, the blind gazes of statues, and memories.

The sound, fourth element of the performance, is amplified and broadcasted by the church speakers, echos and reverbs usely used to expand voices, expanding the sound of effort, the sound of the "scratch", induces the difficult separation in between the person and its ground.
Trinity Church / L’Eglise de la Trinité (Bruxelles)
15h - 27 juin 2011
JURY MASTER 2 Art & Médiation 
Ecole de Recherche Graphique (Bruxelles)

about 20 min

Tech : 
Velcro line (about 20 meters)
Prepared shoes
DPA mic

Photos : Adrian Limoni / ERG

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