samedi 8 mars 2008

Tanzen Bamboline are Kalte Sterne (DJ, translator, musician) and my project. 

We named ourselves after Kalte Sterne proposed me to make cover of Tanzen Bamboline from Alberto Camerini. Then we also made a cover of Rules and Regulations from british punk girl’s band Fuzzbox and "California Dreaming" from the Mamas and the Papas with the intention to play those three tracks in some kind of little show, a "musical interlude" in between two other real gigs organized this night at the Molodoï (Strasbourg) by the collective Lick my legs.
For this short performance, we decided not to play instruments live but performing only a dance and singing show in retro space age costumes.

We dressed in minimalist outfits, made of 2 X 1m/1m white velvet elastic fabric that used to be fixed with pins on right and left side of the waist. Costums from a former performance entitled "we are Neodyms".(A Neodym is a chemical element, nêos and dîdymos, means litteraly, new and twin. Neodymiums are also very strong magnets that we can find in modern products such as motors in cordless tools, hard disk drives, and magnetic fasteners).

This decision created a bit of confusion : some people (men mostly) didn't want to believe we made the covers of those tracks ourselves. they thought, that as The Suprems or The Ronettes, we had some producer doing the music for the us. 

In order to be taken seriously, we decided to play two gigs with our instruments on stage : heavy anagogic synthesizers.
But then, people (men mostly) complained, they preferred to see us dancing. So we decided to stop the project, for a while. 

Tanzen Bamboline sound :

Our sound played into a lofi mixture of self-production - punk recording with different tools : Casio keyboard and guitar effect pedals, Kawai Teisco 100f and Korg 55. 

Kalte Sterne being more a musician than me, I played, in order to find some ideas, but then, mostly recorded her  playing and concentrated on editing samples of sounds. I had no idea how to properly edit and mix a track, what I had was an idea of the sound I wanted to obtain, the ambiance, the structure, as for a film with several scales and movements.

"Curry", our most representative composition,
has three movements that we name one after the other in the track itself. 
We share this interest of dramaturgy into music, considering each track as a new story. For exemple, for the cover of California Dreaming, we re-arranged the original track, took large freedom in reinterpretation and augmented the original version of several minutes. 

California Dreaming had been then performed as an non voluntary tribute to Nico and somehow, innocence of Twiggy the doll. 

Two characters not so far from each other, one suffering from Asperger and the other one staging herself as a doll full of tones of things you won't access. 

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